Developer Dues


Developer Dues are monthly assessments paid by property owners to Apple Tree for a number of valuable services for Apple Tree Residents.  Each year, the HOA Advisory Board meets with members of Apple Tree Management to review the annual budget used to establish monthly Developer Dues and/or any Special Assessments if necessary.  As owner and manager of the common area facilities, Apple Tree has made every effort to make dues as affordable as possible while making sure that facilities are well-maintained.


To view the 2024 dues letter, click here


Services Included in monthly Developer Dues:

  • Irrigation water distribution.
  • Maintenance of Apple Tree’s master irrigation water distribution system for property owners.
  • Braeburn Park use (pool, hot tub, cabana, playground, and sport court).
  • Braeburn Park maintenance, cleaning, utilities, supplies, etc.
  • Braeburn Park landscaping, mowing, edging.
  • Liability insurance for Braeburn Park pool, hot tub, cabana, playground, and sport court.
  • Landscaping and maintenance of common flower beds throughout the community.
  • Developer’s administration costs (labor, payables, postage, etc.)
  • Snow removal service (including all equipment use, fuel, labor and supplies).
  • Asphalt sealing service (including all labor and materials).
  • Electricity and maintenance for street lights.
  • Electricity, phone lines and maintenance for automatic gates.


2023 Monthly Developer Dues are as follows:

  • Public Roads (Occidental, 96th, 88th, Coolidge Road) - $90
  • Private Roads (Honeycrisp Court, Braeburn Loop) - $95
  • Gated Communities (Jonagold Court, Cameo Court, Golden Grove) - $100
  • Fairways Gated Community (Apple Tree Parkway) - $120