CC&Rs and Disclosure Documents




The Apple Tree Covenants, Codes & Restrictions exist to protect, preserve and enhance the property values within the Apple Tree Resort Community.  While the majority of the CC&Rs apply to all properties within Apple Tree, there are some differences from Phase to Phase. To review the CC&Rs, please click on the links below.


Phase Ia (East side of 96th Avenue, Jonagold Court, Occidental Road, and Honeycrisp Court)


Phase Ib (West side of 96th Avenue)


Phase II (Braeburn Loop and 88th Avenue)


Phase III (Coolidge Road.)


Phase IVa (Apple Tree Parkway)


Phase IVb (Apple Tree Parkway)


Cameo Court


Golden Grove




Similar to CC&Rs, Condo Disclosure documents govern the two condominiums at Apple Tree:  The Vistas and Braeburn Lodge.  To review the Condominium Disclosure Documents, click on the links below.


Braeburn Lodge Condominiums


Vistas Condominiums


For more information on the Vistas, please contact Vistas HOA President Steve Crow at


For more information on Braeburn Lodge, please contact Braeburn Lodge HOA President Mike Darrow at