"Building a home with Apple Tree Construction

from start to finish was a really easy process.

They really work with you and want all the details

to be just the way you want them."

- Peggy Fonfara




1. DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET & PRE-QUALIFY. With any custom home, the sky is truly the limit. From the beginning, it’s important to determine how much you want to spend before you get too far down the road.  To get an idea of what a custom home may cost, look at some of the Apple Tree Inventory Homes currently listed and add at least 5% to the price as a starting point.  The reason custom homes are more expensive is based upon the amount of time the Apple Tree Construction Team spends with a client guiding them through the product selection process. In addition to establishing a budget, finding a knowledgeable lender who is dedicated to providing financing options based upon your needs is another key piece. Apple Tree Custom Homes are built with financing arranged by the buyer. Typically, this occurs with the buyer obtaining a construction loan or by paying a large non-refundable down payment with the balance due at closing. Financing must be in place for Apple Tree to submit plans to the City of Yakima for a building permit.  **Please ask an Apple Tree Representative about alternative ways to finance an Apple Tree Custom Home.


2. SELECT A HOMESITE. With a variety of sizes, prices, and locations available within the Apple Tree Resort Community, selecting the perfect homesite for your custom home is particularly important.  Once you have selected a homesite, a Homesite Reservation Agreement with refundable deposit is the best way to hold your homesite while you begin the design process.


3. HOME DESIGN. Apple Tree Construction uses the services of two exceptionally talented home design firms in Yakima, each offering a wealth of experience in designing homes specifically for Apple Tree’s unique setting. Apple Tree is happy to set-up an introductory meeting with one of our two designers to discuss your custom home project.  From there, our designers generate a floor plan and elevation concept based upon your input and ideas. If this concept eventually becomes the home that we build, the design process is included in the price of your home.  If for some reason your plans change and you decide not to move forward, a plan concept fee will be charged by the designer.  This typically costs between $750 - $1,000 depending on the amount of time spent on the concept.  After reviewing the plan concept, it is typical that a designer would make a round or two of revisions to make sure the concept is exactly what you are looking for.


4. PRICE TARGET. After finalizing the plan concept, we will ask a number of finish-related questions to help us in establishing a price target range for the custom home project.  If you are comfortable with the Price Target Range, we will instruct the designer to complete final construction blue prints.


5. CONSTRUCTION BLUE PRINTS. Taking an approved concept to final construction blueprints takes approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of work the designers have in the pipeline.


6. SUBCONTRACTOR BIDS. Upon receipt of the final construction blueprints, Apple Tree Construction submits the prints to core subcontractors and suppliers for bids. Subcontractors typically need 10 days to prepare bids.


7. PRICE PROPOSAL. After receiving bids back, Apple Tree Construction will finalize a price proposal with allowance budgets in approximately 10 core categories.


8. CUSTOM HOME CONTRACT. Upon approval of the price proposal, a custom home contract will be generated by Apple Tree Construction that details the finished specifications for your home, along with budget allowances in several categories, providing the custom homebuyer with the flexibility to select from a variety of products within their budget.


9. PERMIT PROCESS. From the receipt of approval final construction blueprints to submitting for permit, it takes Apple Tree Construction approximately one week to put together the full permit package for the City of Yakima. Once with the City, a permit typically 2-3 weeks to be issued.


10. CONSTRUCTION KICK-OFF MEETING. For each custom home, Apple Tree Construction hosts a pre-construction kick-off meeting. It’s a great opportunity for buyers to meet all of Apple Tree’s key personnel, in addition to reviewing the schedule.


11. CONSTRUCTION. Custom Homes at Apple Tree typically take 6-9 months to build, depending on the size and complexity of the home, weather implications, and the types of products being used.


12. CO-CONSTRUCT.COM. Once construction begins, you will be provided log-in information to co-construct.com, Apple Tree’s online project management software.  All product selections, change orders, and dialogue between Apple Tree and the Homebuyer will “live” on co-construct, allowing everyone to stay on the same page throughout the project.


13. FINAL WALKTHROUGH. Prior to closing, an Apple Tree representative will schedule a final walkthrough. This is your opportunity to ask questions, identify punch list items in need of repair, and learn how everything in your home works. During the final walkthrough, you will be provided with a copy of the Apple Tree Homeowner Orientation Manual, which includes product manuals, warranty information, and everything else you’ll need to enjoy your new home!


14. CLOSING. Pacific Alliance Title will contact you to schedule a session at your convenience to sign all appropriate documents to finish the purchase of your new home. Upon completion, the keys to your new home, along with a special welcome gift will be available at the Apple Tree Construction Office.


If you have any questions about these steps, please contact the Apple Tree Resort Marketing Office at 509.972.2740 ext. 9.


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